Thomas Fiecha

Contact: [email protected]

Hello, I’m Thomas.
Aged 29, and already more than 10 years of experience in the dog world.

I started with training as a private security dog ​​agent where my trainer (former military firefighter from the UIISC7) passed on to me his passion for canine detection. Even before the end of my training, I was recruited by a private company specializing in canine detection for explosives in the airport security sector.

I have worked in several leading companies in France (K9 Detection Cyno, DiagNose, or even Séris), having toured this sector, I sought new experience in the canine environment. So I realized one of my dreams, settling in the Hautes Alpes where I spent 3 months, where I discovered the profession of musher.

I was responsible for taking care of dog training, looking after a herd of around 50 dogs, and accompanying clients on their sled driving initiations. The experience was short since I was approached again for the detection of explosives in airport security. Position that I could not refuse. Bored with the sector, I was encouraged by my training center director to focus on the scourge of bedbugs. That’s when I took the plunge and got started. So I opened my first company in Marseille as a self-employed person and very quickly, I opened my current company K9 Détection Nuisibles.

I have been specializing in canine detection for bed bugs for 4 years now and today I am looking to develop canine detection in other sectors of activity.