Code of Practice

The Bed Bug Foundation is pleased to announce that Version 2 of The European Code of Practice (ECoPv2) is now available.

Unlike the previous edition, the ECoPv2 is now targeted solely at Pest Control Technicians (PCTs), with the aim of providing the most up to date advice for the treatment of bedbug infestations. The ECoPv2 also outlines key aspects bedbug biology and behaviour; an understanding of which is crucial for informing control strategies. Documents written specifically for private residents and accommodation providers will be made available in due course through this website.

The trustees would like to thank all those who took the time to read and submit comments on the consultation document that was released in late 2012. The Bed Bug Foundation was overwhelmed by the public feedback and feel that the ECoP has benefited dramatically as a result.

However, the time for submitting comments has not come to an end. We have already received suggestions for improvements, which will be incorporated in Version 3. We hope that this will become a continuous process of revision and refinement to ensure that the ECoP incorporates the most recent advances in research and management technology in the control of bedbugs. All versions encompassing major changes are made available for consultation. Minor changes are undertaken at the discretion of the Senate.

The ECoP will ultimately be made available in most European languages, complete with country-specific information on relevant rules and regulations. This process is currently under way, but takes time. We welcome support from volunteers who are prepared to be involved in the translation program. All that is required is a grasp of both English and one other European language, as well as an understanding of the rules and regulations that apply in the country for which you are providing the translation. Translators will be credited on the document and given membership to the Bed Bug Foundation, giving them the right to use the logo.

As each European version is completed, it will be made available below.