How to Certify a Scent Detection Team (Assessor)

Step 1: Login to the bed bug foundation so that you can access the assessor related pages.

Step 2: Then you must go to the assessor panel (see bellow) and follow the instructions on that page to create an event for a certification day.

Step 3: Have the team’s handler follow these instructions on how to register their team details and apply for a certification event.

Step 4: After preforming the certification event for scent detection please follow the link bellow and update the teams in question. To do this first locate a team to be updated and follow the edit link then fill out the Assessor Info section at the bottom of the form.

Step 5: Make sure to inform us via email ([email protected]) of how the certification event went, including the full names and date for those who passed their certifications to help ensure their ID cards are dispatched as soon as possible.

Also make sure to uncheck the id card sent and clear the ID card sent date.