Michèle Brandenburger

Email: [email protected]

Michèle Brandenburger

Graduated in Dog Education and Dog Behaviour

Accredited by the Federal Swiss Veterinary Office

Accredited by the Cantonal Veterinary Office, Vaud and Geneva

BBF Certified in Canine Bedbug Detection

Trainer in Bed Bug Detection

BBF recognised training centre for bed bug detection

Nosework USCSS Instructor (sport detection)

My specialities in working with dogs; canine behaviour, training in all disciplines. Tracking, then detection, with any scent to be detected, as long as the scent is accessible to everyone.

I have been working with dogs for over 30 years. I graduated as a dog trainer in 2001, and I furthered my training in dog behaviour by following a specialised course, where I obtained my diploma.

After 17 years of activities in a dog club (obedience/tracking), a few competitions with my dogs and where, thanks to the people I met during this period, I specialised in tracking (including tracking). At the same time, I learned to use the clicker.

Then the question arose, how to transmit my knowledge to adults in an educational way. So I trained as an adult trainer.

In 2012, with the help of a former gendarme of the Vaud canine police, I trained myself to detect bedbugs with my 2 dogs, in order to be able to offer my services of canine bedbug detection.

In 2018, I was able to offer my training at my school @educhien, training handlers and dogs in bed bug detection.

In 2019, with my 1st professional detection dog coming to the end of her bed bug detection career, I wondered, how to keep her occupied, she will get bored…

I then discovered Nosework (sport detection) and trained as an instructor of the dicipline and started Nosework competitions with my dog, then retired.

What a pleasure to see your dog have such a pleasure to be able to search in this discipline, despite his age!

Nosework is for all people and all dogs, whatever the age and physical condition of the owner and the dog and whatever the breed of dog.

At the end of 2021, I obtained recognition as a bedbug detection training centre by the BBF.

In addition, I have a keen interest in the dog’s well-being at home and at work, as well as in its physical fitness and/or fitness training.

I work according to methods based on the knowledge of ethology, which is continuously updated and adapted to the latest scientific findings and studies in the animal field. I insist that the dogs react, work voluntarily and independently.

To this end, I regularly attend seminars/courses given by internationally recognised experts, mainly in person. This is an essential commitment in order to keep my knowledge of the various disciplines I practice up to date.