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Some of our recent feedback…

Thank you very much for your great support! If I find something, I’ll get back to you …. Thank you. Have a nice weekend! – Christian

Very glad the Bed Bug Foundation exists, wish we had one in Australia. If there is somewhere I can leave a donation for the Foundation I’d like to, though couldn’t see one on its website… Thanks again – Anna

Thank you very much for your quick reply. We are very glad, that this is probably not bedbug-related. Thanks again and kind regards – Markus

Thank you very much for your quick reply! I am happy to hear this is not a bedbug and I will keep an eye out for inky black spots like you said, but I haven’t seen any, so I am optimistic I don’t have an infestation. Here are some other angles, in case it helps identify the bug, but if it doesn’t help, that’s ok; I am just happy it’s not a bedbug. I can’t express enough how much I appreciate your help. Thank you so much – Nathan

Thank you, it is very reassuring. Although the idea of any type of bug on the bed is not my favourite. Thank you for responding so quickly – Patricia

Thank you so much for your rapid and comforting response to my concerns. I am also interested in beetles as there seems to have been an unusual number this past summer on the East End of Long Island. They were called “stink bugs” by the locals here. I’ll be sending you another photo of the same bug, this time not lying on its back, and perhaps you can identify the exact species. I was certainly relieved that it was not a bed bug as was my daughter who found it in her bed! Miss my frequent visits to England especially London and the Cotswolds. Take good care – Richard

Thank you Richard for your answer yet again. I have looked at those faecal detection kit but apparently it can’t be used on old stains. I will keep on monitoring but try to relax about it as well. Thank you very much for all your help. Kind regards – Patricia

Thank you. I so appreciate your feedback and advice. – Sally

Thank you so very much for your thorough reply. This is really helpful and puts my mind at ease!! Hope you have a wonderful weekend! – Brittany

Omigosh, great news. Weekday a great and responsive service!! Is there an American equivalent, since it looks like you are in the UK? – Tracie

That is great news thank you very much for your time. What a relief! I believe the previous tenant of the house ate in her bed so the carpet beetles are found around here, explaining the confusion. Once again thank you for your help. Best Regards – Curtis