Terms and Conditions

1.    Objects

The objects of the Bed Bug Foundation CIC (BBF) are to carry on activities which benefit the community and in particular (without limitation) to:

1.1  educate the public and professionals on the identification and treatment of bed bugs.

1.2  provide a free specimen identification service for use by public and professionals.

1.3  produce and revise independent codes of practice for the management of bed bugs.

1.4  produce and revise independent codes of practice for the use of bed bug detection dogs.

1.5  offer standardised, independent certification for bed bug detection dog teams.

1.6  to represent the bed bug detection dog industry at trade shows and in the media.

1.7  establish a fund to provide financial support to sufferers of severe bed bug infestation who are deemed unable to resolve the problem themselves or pay for professional help.

2.    Roles and Responsibilities

2.1  Roles and Responsibilities of Directors

The Bed Bug Foundation CIC (BBF) is managed by a Board of Directors. It is the responsibility of the Directors to make sure that the BBF functions in accordance with its Objects, outlined in Section 1.

All directors have both regional and corporate-level responsibilities. Countries that do not have their own regional representative are appointed one from the Board.

2.1.1.   Regional Responsibilities of Individual Directors

Resolution of complaints against BBF members, or disputes between BBF members, are initially managed at the regional level. In the case of conflicts of interest, any party may request that the issue be handle by the Board. It is the responsibility of each director to declare any conflicts of interest that they aware of to the Board.

2.1.2.   Responsibilities of the Board of Directors

Where unanimous agreement cannot be reached, the Board of Directors will decide the following by majority vote:

  • Any changes to the Terms and Conditions.
  • Appointment and removal of Directors.
  • Any changes to Membership and Certification fees.
  • Appointment of new BBF Training Schools.
  • Appointment of new Assessors.
  • Decisions relating to the suspension and/or termination of certifications and/or memberships following the terms of impeachment (Section 7).

2.2  Director Remunerations

No directors of the BBF shall receive any salary or compensation for their services as directors for the BBF. However, out of pocket expenses incurred reasonably and necessarily, while conducting the affairs of the BBF, will be reimbursed as long as sufficient funds are available.

3.    Roles and Responsibilities of Assessors

It is the responsibility of the Assessors to uphold the standards agreed in the BBF Bed Bug Scent Detection Dog Certification Rules. Assessors must be independent and fair in their judgement of all Members undertaking the BBF Certification. In the case of conflicts of interest, it is the responsibility of the Assessors to report these to the Board prior to the certification.

Assessors must submit proposed Certification dates to the Board at least 6 weeks prior to the Certification, so that the date can be publicised to Members.

When conducting Certifications, it is the responsibility of the Assessor to make sure that:

  • The handler wishing to take the certification is a member of the BBF.
  • The team (dog and handler) are registered on the BBF database.
  • The identity of the dog and handler are established beyond reasonable doubt.
  • The outcome of the certification is reported to the BBF within 1 week of the certification event.

4.    Roles and Responsibilities of Members

All Directors, Assessors and affiliated Trainers are de facto Members of the BBF.

It is the responsibility of all BBF Members, whether certified or not, to uphold the BBF’s reputation of quality. BBF Members should refrain from speaking negatively about any other BBF Members, particularly in front of members of the public. Where specific grievances exist, these should be presented in writing to the Director responsible for that region, or to the Board of Directors, according to the terms if Impeachment (Section 7).

5.    Use of BBFs name (acronym or spelled out) and/or logos

The BBFs name and logos may be utilised by any certified team. Anyone whose membership and/or certification has expired may not represent or advertise, utilising the BBFs name or logos, until they have restored their membership to a current status and/or pass re-certification.

6.    Dues

Only paid up Members may register for a certification and all certification fees due to the BBF must be paid online (via the BBF website) prior to the certification. Assessor fees are charged at 50 Euros per team plus expenses, which will vary according to mileage, room hire rates and the number of teams certifying that day, among whom the expenses will be divided.

7.    Use of BBFs name (acronym or spelled out) and/or logos

Any Director or Member may be removed for any violation of the provisions of the Terms and Conditions, for any personal conduct that may bring discredit upon the BBF.  Charges for the impeachment of any Director or Member may be initiated by any Member in good standing.  The charge shall be presented, in writing to the Board of Directors. The accused Director or Member will be given a copy of the charges against him/her. If the Board of Directors ascertains that there is enough evidence to warrant a hearing, the accused will be notified of the meeting and location at which the hearing will be held, not less than thirty (30) days prior to the hearing date. The accused shall be given the right to present evidence in his/her behalf at this hearing. The Board of Directors will then decide if the accused is innocent or guilty of the charges and present their recommendation. If it is decided the charges warrant impeachment, the accused Director shall be removed from his/her post and the accused Director or Member shall be expelled from the BBF.

8.    Code of Ethics

8.1 Members of the BBF agree to abide by these Terms and Conditions and all Rules adopted by the Board of Directors.  Members further agree to abide by the Code of Ethics.

8.2 No member will act in a manner prejudicial to the BBF or its members.  No member will knowingly falsify or misrepresent any record or document in connection with the certification.

8.3 Any member in good standing may prefer charges against any other member for alleged conduct in violation of the Code of Ethics.  Such charges must be in writing, signed by the complainant, setting forth the facts upon which the charges are based in a concise and summary manner, and shall be filed with the Board of Directors. The complainant must agree to appear and furnish full evidence in support of the charges if requested to do so. The Board of Directors will then proceed as described in Article 9.

8.4  Disciplinary action may include the temporary suspension of privileges, censure, expulsion or any other action deemed appropriate by the Board of Directors.

8.5  If the Board of Directors finds that a member in preferring charges against another member did so for spurious reasons, out of improper motives, and if the charges are wholly false and without proper foundation, then the Board of Directors may, if it desires, take appropriate disciplinary action against the complainant.

8.6  No disciplinary action shall be taken against a member, be he/she the complainant or accused, unless the member shall have been afforded the opportunity of a hearing before the Board of Directors.

8.7  Every member shall be presumed innocent of misconduct, and disciplinary action shall be taken against a member only if he/she is found guilty of misconduct from evidence found true by the Board of Directors.

8.8  Any member who is found guilty by the Board of Directors of any violations of BBF Terms and Conditions and/or Rules and Regulations, shall have a maximum of thirty (30) calendar days from the date of his/her written notification, to file a written appeal of the findings.