Dr. Richard Naylor

Phone: +44 1291 622409

I am an Entomologist based near Chepstow on the England-Wales boarder. I have worked on bed bugs since 2001 when I was introduced to a small captive population belonging to Prof. Mike Siva-Jothy of the University of Sheffield, U.K.  I have studied bed bugs in the context of their evolutionary history and bat origins, aspects of their unusual mating behaviour and associated immunology. For my PhD I studied bed bug ecology and dispersal behaviour using 3 meter long arenas with artificial host feeding systems.

Over the past 20 years I have continued to study bed bugs in progressively larger and more complex arenas. I now have two purpose-built test bedrooms with infra-red cameras for studying their behaviour!

I also run CimexStore Ltd. with my wife Alexia. With the help of two Technicians, Jan and Abigail, we produce insects for research and scent detection training, as well as conducting product trials for the pest management industry.