Maylen Gare

I live on a small farm in Norway where I run my company Gare Gård.

Here you will find a hotel for dogs, breeding of the Chodsky Pes breed, courses for dogs and owners and detection dogs.

I have an approved instructor training for puppies as well as an education with a specialization in dog behavior. I have been working with dogs professionally for 10 years.

My great passion in dog training is detection dogs and tracking, as well as the language of the dog. I have learned so much from my guests at the dog hotel.

I myself have the male dog Caizer who is certified via BBF. My second male dog Baileys is in training, hopefully we will be certified this summer. 

In February, Larry was in Norway to certify some of the teams I’ve trained, all of whom received their certification. I am so proud!

I was approved as a trainer and place of education by the BBF.

I am incredibly grateful and proud to be part of this team, looking forward to the continuation.