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Censeo Amici Canibus

My name is Patric Corpataux and I come from Switzerland.

Dogs have always been part of my life and their nature and abilities still impress me today. Privately as well as professionally I was allowed to experience a lot with dogs.

Privately, I led and trained dogs, especially in the areas of rescue dogs and mondioring. I had great successes with my dogs both nationally and internationally. I not only competed with my dogs at world championships, but also acted as a judge, protection service helper and team leader. During countless examinations and mission tests I was able to prove my passion.

Most of the dogs I have led I have bred myself.

Today I no longer compete in sporting events, but I am still an international judge. It was also very interesting to train dogs for Hollywood and German television.

Professionally, my life revolved around dogs for 13 years. As a professional military officer, my duties included purchasing and training dogs for the Swiss Army, training the teams and finally completing missions. I covered the following areas: protection dogs, explosives, drugs and rescue dogs.

I was able to travel a lot and make contacts. Everywhere I was able to gain something and develop my own philosophy. It was a very intensive but also beautiful time. At the end, I was deputy chief in the army dog unit. I realised that the human factor is more important than the best dog.

Today I am still working in the army in the areas of leadership and operational logistics. However, the subject of dogs still accompanies me.

– Cantonal Veterinary Office of Fribourg

– Federal Office for Environmental Protection / Herd Protection Dogs

– Bed Bug Foundation

What does the BBF mean to me and what are my motives for joining. It is another job where the dog can demonstrate its ability with the nose. Even today I am still impressed by the dog’s nose and you never stop learning. In cooperation with a good handler, it is a very efficient and inexpensive tool. But what is important here is professional training and supervision. This is exactly where I would like to support the BBF. The dog is neither a machine nor a piece of sports equipment. With the right training and care, however, it is a reliable partner.

I can identify well with the goal that the BBF Senate is pursuing. These people appreciate dogs and strive to have good quality teams certified.

A well-known guitarist said in an interview about his profession: “Anyone who performs an activity for more than 27,000 hours can call himself an expert.

I would be happy to learn from you and to get to know you.

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