Sonja Rolauf

Email: [email protected]

I have been running my dog training school since 2001 and have been active in the areas of education and training, problem dog training and search dog work. I trained my own dogs as rescue dogs, in mantrailing, tracking, ZOS and scent differentiation. I was a licensed Lind-Art trainer, a DRK rescue dog handler with operational experience and passed various examinations in dog sports and the IG dog handler’s licence.

In 2015, the Veterinary Office Neuwied granted me permission according to § 11 para. 1 no. 8F of the Animal Protection Act to train dogs commercially for third parties or to guide the training of dogs by the animal owner.

In 2016 I became aware of bed bug detection dog work and trained my Dutch shepherd dogs with the support of Larry Hansen, since 2017 I have been working full-time with my dogs in bed bug detection dog work.

As a dog trainer, I specialised in 2018 in training professional bed bug detection dog teams and give workshops and seminars in this sector.

I am involved in the Bed Bug Foundation because it emphasises a high level of training and education, certification process and regular recertification of bed bug detection dog teams. In my opinion, this is the prerequisite for professional, successful bed bug detection dog work and the chance for BBF-certified teams to ensure their clients’ satisfaction in the long term.