Stefan Hedin

Email: [email protected]

I am in my best age (still under 50) and live in Halmstad in Sweden.

My wife runs Dog In Work here in Sweden and I have the responsibility of partner cooperation and agreements and also do all reporting to our customers and handle our staff in our company Incensor where Anticimex is one of our biggest customers.

Beside this I run a couple of companies so my days are full off work. My best time of the day is in the morning when I take our dogs out in the woods or the beach for a long walk.

So, I am not a dog trainer but I have also developed some dog training equipment that we also sell to schools around the world. I have also developed a sensor that can be used for long distance search where you can send the sensor across the world. Put it in a room for 10-20 hours and send it back to us where a dog can tell if the sensor have been in a room with bed bugs or not. It is a special filter that collects the molequles and keeps them. So you can say that I am a bit entrepenaur…